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Chinese singer Wang Leehom, on December 15, broke the news of his divorce from his wife, Li Jinglei. Wang Leehom’s statement only stated that the two parties filed for divorce because of “different future lifestyles and plans.”

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And it seems that the Slovenia Phone Number procedures have not been completed. Li Lianglei immediately published a nearly 5,000- word long , accusing Wang Leehom of “calling prostitutes, dating sex, sex addiction, and using her as a production tool” during marriage. The grievances of a bitter wife. This article made the simple artist divorce incident instantly become a topic of madness among Chinese people around the world. The attention brought by an article has surpassed the popularity of the referendum the next day in Taiwan.

The Reason Why the Incident

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Wang Leehom PK Li Jinglei is so clamorous is not the. Lei God’s Hammer. As hotly discussed by the outside world, but because of Wang Leehom. This also determines the course of events. The bright and beautiful image of loving family collapsed overnight For a long time. Wang Leehom has been in the entertainment circles on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and three places with his natural handsome appearance,

ABC-style Chinese creative style, and a positive image of a high-quality artist. In other words, in addition to his own singing skills, he is loved by the public with a good image. According to the precedents of other male singers, as long as they take a good image route, just stealing food, cheating, dating, or even just making girlfriends or spreading rumors, is enough to blow their long-term image. For example,

The recently reported pianist who is regularly recruiting prostitutes (only one prostitute has been reported), has destroyed the entire image.

What’s worse, he was managing the image of loving his family and his wife to the outside world, but he regarded his wife as a production machine and was usually neglected. It’s just sex addiction and stealing, as long as you apologize and never commit again, you may be fine, but adding. Abuse of your wife. The combination of the two makes it difficult for Wang Leehom to turn around.

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