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You can use certain NFT elements to upsell event ticket types. NFTs are sometimes also seen as ‘digital bragging rights’. The digital proof that you own something unique or Switzerland Phone Number you have been to a unique meeting. Thus make personal hybrid experiences easy to share. The network of the individual visitors. In addition, I also see a lot of users playing around with simply participating through VR glasses. But the possibilities are endless and will add. A missed opportunity.  The technology is still very new and therefore it will take a lot of time to fully work out and develop something like this.

Blended experiences Switzerland Phone Number

Research shows that  of organizers find it very difficult to create virtually unique and memorable experiences, It can sometimes be Switzerland Phone Number difficult to create a truly ‘ ‘ experience that is fun and workable for both the physical and virtual audience. Here I rather focus on hybrid experiences, Which are really separate for both audiences or ‘blended’, Where visitors can effortlessly switch between physical and Switzerland Phone Number online experiences. A good example is Tomorrowland, Which has set up an online NFT scavenger hunt for its Winter Festival in March, Giving the winners access to exclusive areas on the festival site.

Switzerland Phone Number

The (Only) Solution Switzerland Phone Number

Before corona, There were already countless event apps for sharing information about the event. In the past two years, Those possibilities have expanded insanely and you see not Switzerland Phone Number only powerful AI-based matchmaking, but also all kinds of hybrid possibilities. In addition to inspiration, networking remains. The most important reason for people to visit Switzerland Phone Number an event. That is why it is important as an event organizer to Switzerland Phone Number facilitate this properly. If there is a hybrid audience, It is also important to pay extra attention to this.

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