How to Customize Dynamic Price Display in Woocommerce

The WooCommerce price display is an important area of ​​the product page. Customers view prices and make price and product comparisons before purchasing the products. So, WooCommerce price display change request is common store change. I guess your WooCommerce store is running on the best optimized WooCommerce hosting. Let’s move on: What if you want to change the display of the price of a particular product? This can be done using the same filters, as they will also pass additional arguments to change the price conditionally. This time I will separate these filters and use two functions to modify the product and cart prices. I will check the product ID first, then change the price display for this product only.

Show Woocommerce Prices Using Wp_query

Instead, I recommend using a product custom field to adjust the price display. I’ll use the ID to get this field and then save myself a lot of coding because I’ll extract the field programmatically. If you want to change the price display for certain products (each product can have a different unit price), a custom field will result in a much simpler code, as I can add the field for each product in the list and then retrieve just this field in the code: Once you’ve added the custom field, you can then retrieve the unit price, and if it’s set for the product, adjust the price display to use the unit price and a custom label instead: In this case, the display Iceland Phone Number List of prices on the product/shop page will only be modified if a unit price is defined. Otherwise, the price will remain the same.

Change Woocommerce Price Display Based on Product Fields

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This will also happen with cart items – the WooCommerce price display will conditionally adjust depending on whether or not the item has a unit_price set in the custom field: In the code snippet above, the most important function is WP_Query which provides several important functions such as post_type, post_status, posts_per_page, and tax_query. All of these functions provide common functionality within the main loop. The get_post_meta() retrieves meta values. the currently select currency is display via the wc_price() function. In the main query, wp_reset_postdata() is use to set the global $post to the current post. Finally, $woocommerce_price_display_cat has the currently select WooCommerce product category.

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