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elements: 1. Topics addressing consumer pain points Topics can determine the success of your content, whether it’s a sarcastic tweet or a blog post addressing a recent issue. Even the most interesting content will not do more than likes and shares if it doesn’t connect with the topic audience. Content topics should address consumer pain points and provide solutions for your audience. Wynn is doing a great job of providing solutions and entertaining audiences during the pandemic with newsletter email content. The company’s newsletter offers a way for customers to experience Wynn without having to set foot in a hotel

chain. Each section of the newsletter

features a variety of connected topics, highlighting customer pain points as they navigate through this pandemic. Wynn understands what their customers’ pain points are and how to provide solutions without physically opening the door to their resort properties. You Software Managers Email List should clarify your paint points for your audience by answering the following questions: What problems does your user base face? What kind of information are users looking for? What questions are your audience asking on

social media and search engines

Software Managers Email List

What do users want, entertainment content or information content? Or is it both? How do you want your customers to use your content? Think of this step as a KPI (key performance indicator) for the topic in your content creation. If the content you create can give new users a simple explanation of what the content is and what they expect from your company, then you’re addressing a topic that matches what users are looking for. This can be measured a step further by analyzing time on page and bounce rate metrics for content published on the website. Low bounce rate + long time on page This is the

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