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The fact that it matters to keep your team engaged has also been researched. ‘Engaged employees show up to work, do more work and stay…’ according to Gallup. Gallup ‘s global and structural survey shows that engaged employees. 41% less absenteeism be 17% more productive 59% less likely to switch to another job. In an overstrained labor market like we have in the Netherlands. This last number alone seems like a very good reason to consciously focus on employee engagement from now on !  Each and every one of these are characteristics of work that contribute to high employee engagement.

Digital Marketing Issues or a Specific

I will be happy to discuss this in more detail in a subsequent article, but first. I would like to draw your attention to the most basic of all conditions for achieving an engaged team of employees: health and vitality . Without energy there is no productivity and innovation. Without resilience there is no Finland Phone Number adaptability and an employee with depressed feelings will not be able to increase your customer satisfaction. Contrast tired and vital employee How is the mental and physical health of employees? International research has shown that many organizations have been struggling with a vitality problem since the start of the corona crisis. Nationally, not much research is available yet into the vitality of employees. Of course, since the start of the corona crisis, the absenteeism figures have been significantly higher than before.


Marketing Issues or a Specific

In a nice graph , Statistics Netherlands shows that flu drives up absenteeism figures every first quarter and where it peaked at 4.4% in Q1 2012, the general absenteeism rate in the Netherlands was 5.2% in Q1 2020. We can currently gain more insight, especially related to working in a hybrid environment, mainly from international research. Some highlights: In their research on health and hybrid work, Forbes states that: 60% of employees move half less now that they work from home and not at the office. The average ‘travel distance’ from bed to workplace is now 16 steps. On a typical working day from home, 63% walk to the kitchen, toilet or bathroom alone, the rest of the time they sit on a chair or sofa. Of employees under the age of 35, 82% indicate that they have experienced health problems for the first time in the past year.

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