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Look at the data (is it again). What content is doing well? Can Algeria Phone Number you use it in other ways? Merge blogs on a certain theme into a download? Or vice versa. Turn a white paper into separate Algeria Phone Number blogs. Or simply bring an old blog with a high CTR to the attention on a number of channels? Shall we agree that we will no longer dismiss the above points as trends, but that this is simply the norm? And that 2022 will be the year in which we will take content marketing Algeria Phone Number seriously? I keep hoping that next year we will read about trends that surprise us.

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Column – Everyone has been reading, hearing and seeing a lot of information about the terrible war in Ukraine lately. In all reporting, names of large companies are also regularly mentioned. While the ‘offline’ war is raging in Ukraine, more and more companies are joining the online war. Where the large companies can make a big impact, such as that of Elon Musk. My Algeria Phone Number attention recently got stuck on a  , about using “his” Starlink internet. His company, SpaceX, has made this network available in Ukraine to keep internet access up and running. But because in Algeria Phone Number some places this is the only non-Russian communication system that still works, there is a good chance that Russia will attack this network.

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But what is the difference between a network like Starlink and the ‘normal’ internet as we know it in the Netherlands? Why does Elon Musk’s network work everywhere in Ukraine, and the normal internet not? The biggest difference between these 2 networks is simply that ‘our’ internet runs underground via cable connections. And Wi-Fi works via radio waves between our routers Algeria Phone Number ( access points ). A network like Starlink mainly works via satellites. Elon Musk’s American space company, SpaceX, has sent thousands of satellites into the sky to create a network.

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