Data-driven Digital Transformation

Suppose you have a network conversation with someone (Kim de Vries). You discuss a possible collaboration, You talk about a common knowledge (Fred de Jong) and the person. You talk Saudi Arabia Phone Number to also has an interesting book tip for you. If you make a note of this conversation and save it in the classic way, This note will come as a file (20220401 Kim de Vries) in a folder (Conversations). If you have a folder for a, Theme (for example presentation technique), You will Saudi Arabia Phone Number create subfolders. (For example: media use, Nonverbal communication, Structure) and sub-subfolders (like: openings, Endings, Storylines). This means that a unit of information, For example the classic presentation structure of the hero’s journey ,

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If you had built a Settlement System, There were several roads leading to that one note. Chances are that many other notes have something to do with this one. There is a world of paper notebooks Saudi Arabia Phone Number  Leuchtturm, Moleskine) and systems (bullet journal, Planners) for taking notes. When we look at the digital world, There is also something to choose from: Microsoft’s Saudi Arabia Phone Number OneNote, Google Keep, Evernote, Bear, Roam Research, NV Alt, Devon Think, Obsidian, Craft and Notion. For some knowledge workers there is nothing to Saudi Arabia Phone Number choose from, Because you must necessarily use data within the business software (often Microsoft). In that case.

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OneNote is your note-taking environment. The same applies to some Saudi Arabia Phone Number companies. That primarily work in the Google environment, Where you can get started with Keep For the knowledge workers who do have something to choose from, Saudi Arabia Phone Number. Obsidian (available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) is often chosen. I list some of the benefits of Obsidian: You work with plain text and that is very fast. You don’t have the formatting burden of OneNote or word processors. Files are stored as text files on your laptop. Each note is one file that you can directly access to backup, copy, or open with another program. You create the layout via Markdown, so instead of overcrowded menus with a lot of mouse clicks, you type Saudi Arabia Phone Number codes.

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