How to Create a Custom Dashboard Using Woocommerce Rest Api

Nowadays, software and platforms expose the API to allow other applications to interact with the main application. Developers use the API to create custom interfaces and dashboards. I have already covered the WordPress REST API in my previous articles. In this WooCommerce API tutorial, I will walk you through how to easily create a custom dashboard on any web hosting for PHP. Although this dashboard is quite basic, you can easily extend it to suit your needs. I will be using the WooCommerce PHP API to implement the dashboard. Before going any further, you should know how RESTful APIs work, how they authenticate requests, and how responses are return by the API.

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Cloudways has made it easy to launch and maintain a successful WooCommerce store. If you need help setting up a WooCommerce store on the Cloudways platform, all you need to do is sign up for the platform and launch a WooCommerce app. WooCommerce has an official API package (written in PHP) which can be use to build custom applications. The package is well maintained and available on GitHub. To install the API package, I will launch a PHP stack application. Once the application is launched, access the SSH UAE Phone Number List terminal using the primary credentials provided. Go to your PHP application and run the Composer command to install the package.

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WooCommerce offers many functions and I recommend that you check the official documentation for detailed coverage of these functions. For this tutorial, I selected a few of these functions, including Orders, Customers, and Products. The API also provides exception handling. This code is quite simple. The condition will check the submitted form and retrieve the values. Then I added the order id to the order url because the update url needs the order id with the order call, something similar to this: (orders/ order-ID, orders/16)

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