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Walt Disney 1. The Dreamer’s Room You start in the dreamer’s room and everything is possible there, the crazier the better. A dream  makes yourCambodia Phone Number  heart wish, Cinderella would say. All ideas are developed here without restrictions. Let your imagination run wild and let go of reality. Try to fill in the following: ‘imagine that. Write down  all ideas together and take them to room 2. The advice is to Cambodia Phone Number formulate  three ideas per person. 2. The Realist’s Room In this room you will see how the ideas from room 1 can come Cambodia Phone Number about.

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The use of social media certainly does not hinder the use of Cambodia Phone Number other news media. In fact, social media are usually used additionally, also to share news. That has not changed in 2022. The average number of news brands used is considerably higher in the group that uses social media for news. Also read: Don’t garden in it: Cambodia Phone Number 7 types of fake news & examples Young people come into contact with different news brands more often than older people through social media. This may Cambodia Phone Number also say something about an increased visibility and connection of the content of the news brands present on social media to the needs of the users. In addition to the news brands on social, the social media itself is also a source of news. Social media types by age grou.

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Digital News Monitor 2022 Filter bubble risk The risk of ending v up in a filter bubble, or ‘echo chamber’ as the research calls it, increases the more social Cambodia Phone Number media is the main source of news. The share of users who say that they hardly consult several news brands or not at all is the largest in this group. Remarkable detail: although young people previously indicated that they avoid news because they did not want to end up in discussions about topics, they participate (much) more (68%) in news on social media than people over 35 (32%). They do this by sharing, commenting and talking about it with friends, colleagues. Digital.

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