Crush Your Marketing Goals In 2018 Top 5 Social Media Tips

Without further ado, here are the top 5 social media tips that will shape your business in 2018, and how to use them in your marketing efforts. You may have heard the marketing buzzword “UGC” in 2017 or even earlier. In conclusion, UGC, short for User Generated Content, is a term used to describe any form of content, such as photos, videos, and other forms of media, that is created by consumers on social media and made available to other consumers publicly. However, It has a special feel that resonates with consumers. That “I could have taken that picture” feeling, when triggered, translates into valuable engagement and even action.

Social Media Tips to Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

According to Adweek, engagement on social media campaigns, including user-generated content, has increased by 50%. Consumers also find user-generated content more influential. Moreover, With 85% said it has a greater impact on their perception of a company than branded photos or videos. Moreover, Then you have professional content. Content is usually developed in a studio with perfect lighting and a branded stage. The Turkey Phone Number List content you may see on a website, in marketing materials, or in a TV commercial. In this new content-driven era, businesses quickly understand this type of content. Moreover, it will not resonate with consumers like UGC on social media. For instance, It works better with some brands than others.

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Now, what is BGC? BGC is short for Brand-Generated Content and was officially coined now that someone coined the marketing buzzword). It’s the love child of UGC and professional content. Brand-generated content is any photo or video a brand creates to capture the consumer “I could have taken this picture” feeling. Because once customers feel that way, it’s easy for them to connect with the brand. Whether they see themselves wearing products or eating ice cream.

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