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So not only on TV, On the radio, In print or in apps, But also on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. Wrap up what does this report say about our news use? Chile Phone Number While confidence. The government increased in the first year of the pandemic, It has now fallen to a low point. Trust in traditional institutions such as media organizations has also diminished. But although interest in news has declined slightly after corona, It is Chile Phone Number interesting to see. How the Netherlands still has a relatively high level of trust in the well-known news brands. Especially compared to countries like France, the United Kingdom and the US. It is not what you initially expect at a time when political Chile Phone Number polarization, aggression against journalists and the vulnerability of quality journalism is high.

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However, there is a clear assignment for the news brands, according to the Digital News Report: do not neglect the attention for the connection with the news Chile Phone Number consumer. This certainly applies to the younger generations. Binding with a reliable news brand ensures trust in the news. So don’t let third parties, for Chile Phone Number example the news platforms of the Big Tech, run off with your quality news so that you anonymously perish in the stream of news of varying and sometimes Chile Phone Number questionable quality. Also connected to news brands in the future The researchers of the.

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Digital News Report predict that if young people’s news use remains the same, this will mean that television use will fall further in the future, online media Chile Phone Number use will remain stable and social media use will increase in importance. News brands should therefore ensure that they are clearly recognizable, with their Chile Phone Number own unique signature and recognizable to the user, on the platforms where (future) readers and viewers are. This increases brand awareness and connection Chile Phone Number with the news brand. News brands will have to think about how best to serve them there. Today’s feed followers, if you can retain them, may be your paid subscribers in the future.

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