How to Convert to Webp Images in WordPress and Why

Image compression and optimization has become a very important standard of WordPress website development. WebP images in WordPress have become even more important since Google started pumping the format. So what exactly are WebP images in WordPress and how can you convert your media library? Let’s take a look at what exactly WebP images are, then I’ll show you how to use a plugin to convert your images in WordPress. What is WebP Image? WebP is an image format that uses both lossy and lossless compression. It is currently being developed by Google, based on technology acquired during the takeover of On2 Technologies.

Install and Activate Imagify

The idea around using this format is that images can be compressed and optimized even after undergoing the compression process with another plugin. I found a great plugin called Imagify. This is one of the best WebP compressor plugins for WordPress and can give you exactly what you need if used correctly. Why should you use WebP images WebP is a very evolving and emerging image format that Google launched. It was designed to be a more aggressive and better-optimized image compression algorithm than JPG and PNG. The idea  is that this reduces file sizes even further, with very minimal loss of image quality. You want to use it because Colombia WhatsApp Number for you it means less bandwidth and a better-performing website. This will make your site visitors happy, but also Google.

Why Should You Use Webp Images

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As we know, Google favors better-performing and faster websites over slower ones. Even though not all browsers support WebP images yet, it’s still a good idea to use them, as it won’t hurt anything. Current versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge all support WebP images. Currently, the Safari browser does not support it. To imagine Imagify plugin Imagify is a WebP and image compression and optimization tool. It is a very powerful and lightweight plugin that was design to enable WebP compression in WordPress. After enabling it, all of your images, including thumbnails, will be automatically optimize when upload to WordPress.

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