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How can you apply this to your marketing activities yourself? Marketing activities are often aimed at disseminating information (especially in the B2B world). Sweden Phone Number But often information alone is not enough, it can even be a bit boring. That’s where emotion comes in. Instead of hammering away at features or facts, we should focus on emotions. You must be thinking: but not all products or services can respond to Sweden Phone Number emotions, right? In principle, any product or service can focus on emotions, even those without an obvious emotional hook. Want to make content go viral? Use the right positive or negative emotions Select emotions that cause a lot of excitement and prompt people to take action (in this case: sharing your content).

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Adding more excitement to an article, ad or other type of content can have a big impact on people’s willingness to share it. You can go two ways: the Sweden Phone Number negative or positive side. On the positive side, you excite people, make them laugh or inspire them. On the negative side, you make people angry, not sad. Marketers often tend to avoid negative emotions for fear that they could damage the Sweden Phone Number brand. Obviously, you’re not supposed to make your own organization negative – but when used correctly, negative emotions can actually boost word of mouth. Designing messages that make people anxious or angry (high arousal) instead of sad (low arousal) Sweden Phone Number will stimulate transmission.

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Negative emotions, when used correctly, can be a powerful driver of discussion. Emotions drive people to action. They make us laugh, scream and cry, Sweden Phone Number and they make us talk, share and buy. So instead of quoting statistics or providing information, we should focus on emotions. Writing and emotion To write content that responds to emotions, you will have to write from your heart and not your Sweden Phone Number head and constantly observe. If you would like to take a closer look at your own writing process and learn how to get even more out of it, Cor Hospes may be able to help you with this during his Creative Online Writing training.

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