Considering Delegating Your Social Media Strategy To An

Most importantly, take time to experiment and figure out the most effective ways to convert your social media connections and followers – so your people can do the things that make them truly valuable to your business, not just Just keep being a follower. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, you run some kind of consulting business and you want to get customer leads from social media. As a team, you might brainstorm 10 ways to entice people to be leaders in your business. Maybe you offer a toll-free consultation number. Maybe you run a business breakfast event. Maybe you host an informative webinar.

Give Your Team Enough Time to Get Results Different Ways

The list could go on and on. But things are more complicated than that. Are you trying to convert your social media audience by posting on your account? Do you contact people individually via direct message? Do you run paid advertising campaigns to get your target audience to Greece Phone Number List the promotions? There are many variants to test – but you have to test them all! Let’s imagine that a combination of the above — like an ad that gets people to book a consultation call — can only convert 0.5% of your audience into leads for your business. And another combination—like inviting people to a business breakfast alone—converts 10 percent of your audience into leads for your business. With these numbers, one route to converting a social media audience into more tangible results can be 20 times more effective than another. Now imagine that you are reviewing whether social media is useful for your business and whether you should continue to invest in it.

Allocate Some Budget for Social Media One of the Biggest

You obviously cannot make good judgments until you have fully tested the different conversion options for your business. But it takes time! So my second point about timing is to make sure you give your current employees enough time to experiment with everything to determine what the long-term rewards of social media for your business might be. Allocate some budget for social media. One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is overcoming the ingrained notion that social media is free. Except time is money, right? So even though opening a social media account and posting on it is free.

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