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Do phase Care To conclude. Just look at how many people search for variants of ‘SAP support’ (SAP is a widely use ERP system). Keyword research for buyer journey: Care phase It should be clear: keyword. Vietnam PhoneNumber research offers a guideline in mapping your buyer journey. Actually, this insight into the needs of your target audience 2.0. I dare to put my hand in the fire to ensure that content. That you create base on these insights performs better and converts! Reason 3.

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Keyword research lets you speak the  language of your target audience The jargon in your organization originate somewhere and has subsequently undergone an – often years – evolution to what it is today. But do you know why certain things are call that in your company – and not Colombia Phone Number otherwise? Don’t be embarrass  if the answer to this question is ‘no’. Maybe some new employees wonder this, but after a while you don’t think about it anymore and you use the technical terms just as hard  as Colombia Phone Number your colleagues. Jargon in marketing expressions What is unfortunate is that these terms are adopt – often without thinking about it – in marketing communications.


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What you have to ask yourself is the following: “Do I speak the language  of my target group?” Of course there are people in your organization who come to customers: account managers, Colombia Phone Number project managers, consultants, etcetera. If all goes well, they  will listen to customers and thus also learn which words and terms customers use. But how often does an account manager approach a marketer  and say, “Hey, I see this word on our website, but my customers Colombia Phone Number never call it that”? In my 10 years as a marketer, I’ve experience this maybe once. Understanding target audience terminology.

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