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platform and one of the most effective ways to communicate with consumers. Video captures a message in a way that images simply cannot, transcending still images and incorporating characteristics such as sound and movement to create captivating stories. This holiday season, brands will be able to take video a step further with shoppable and microvideo. Shoppable Videos Shoppable videos list products with videos in an expandable product bar, allowing visitors to interact with the products and learn more about them. The tool provides a more engaging user experience by directing visitors to links to related pages where they can be

purchased and adding clickable

hotspots that highlight the exact product of interest. . Instead of showing links only when the video stops playing, links are shown throughout the video, allowing COO Email List interactivity to bring products to life, increase click-through rates, and improve brand awareness. can. video player Error loading this resource Micro-video consumers have short attention spans and brands have to shrug off the noise to get their attention. Therefore, micro-video content , which is short videos of 5-20 seconds , plays an important role in engaging and moving viewers. To make a responsive video, the video should be stretched

to fill the entire width of the screen

COO Email List

In the first place. while maintaining its original proportions. Done right, this short format can create a compelling and powerful opportunity to boost engagement and conversions in just seconds. video player Error loading this resource microbrowser season Thinking outside of the actual e-commerce website, there is also an opportunity to unlock the power of “dark social”, the web traffic generated . In the first place. when people share links on private channels. For example, in the spirit of gift-giving. Consumers may be sending links to these products to their loved ones using private communication apps called

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