Cloudways Helps Plaid Buffalo Creative Focus on Its Business

Plaid Buffalo Creative is a small creative studio located in Canada. The two partners, Fraser Mackenzie and Lindsay Creedon, specialize in website and design solutions for small and medium businesses. Fraser and Lindsay have over 40 years of combined experience in web design, graphics and UI/UX.

In this Q&A with Lindsay Creedon, we explore how Cloudways has made business operations more productive and streamlined.

Let’s start!

Cloudways: Hi Lindsay, tell us a bit about your role and that of Fraser in Plaid Buffalo Creative. How and when did you start?

Lindsay : Hello! Fraser and I actually have a similar background but with different strengths. We both started out with a heavy focus on graphic design, branding and print work, but have developed our skills in web design and development over the years.

We often alternate to take the lead

I became obsessed with learning everything WordPress about a decade ago due to its accessibility and low barrier to entry for me, a non-technical person at the time. It sparked something in me to keep learning more to achieve my design and interface goals. It was a gateway for me to learn more about CSS, PHP, UI design, not to mention how to host all my projects.

Since I started in web design, I still haven’t found a reason to quit WordPress. With our clients, every situation we encounter has been easily handled by this versatile CMS. We’ve made progress in implementing core Finland WhatsApp Number List themes to add the range of functionality that WooCommerce, custom post types, and custom fields can bring. We always try to start every project with an open mind and use the right tools that will help our clients achieve their goals.

Some Projects We Have Been Working on This Year That We Can Share

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The main goals of this site were to clean up the design to be more true to their brand, organize their wide range of services, and create strong calls to action to generate leads for the clinic. We are currently working on migrating their online skincare store from Shopify to WooCommerce within their new website.

Figaro Garden:

Le Jardin du Figaro took advantage of this this year when its activity was on hiatus to revamp its website. Beyond the refreshed design, we were also happy to be able to add a simple online gift card purchase option that drove gift card sales up more than 60%.

Community shirt:

I’ve included this site not because it’s a design marvel, but as a testament to what you can quickly accomplish with WordPress + WooCommerce + Cloudways. When our city was first shut down in April 2020 and people were being laid off at an unprecedented rate, our food bank was overwhelmed.

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