Choose the best TLD for your business

In another article, we saw how to create a brand for the company you have in mind starting from scratch. If you are in this situation, today we are going to talk about an important strategy when starting a new online adventure, which is to choose the best tld available for your business. From now on, we will break down all the information about the existing extensions and how to select the perfect domain .

What is a tld?
Before we continue, we have to stop for a second and see what tld is. This acronym stands for top level domain (top level domain) and is the part that is locatat the end of the domain name that we write in the address bar of any web browser.

But what is a domain? To briefly summarize it, the domain name corresponds to an equivalence of 4 groups of numbers resulting in a url and which is use to establish the location of different resources on the internet, such as web pages or email.

The internet began to take shape

And the first domains were registerd, two categories of tlds were

Unsponsore: its administration is directly handld by icann, the organization that regulates and approves the launch of domain names worldwide. An example may be
Sponsore: they are manag both by icann and the private entity that establishes some restrictive policies for this type of domain. For example, the tld .Cat is registrable if the website has content relat to the culture of catalonia.
Internationaliz (idn) : these are domain names written in languages Jordan Phone Number ​​or writing systems with signs such as graphic accents or that do not use standard characters (az, 0-9). They are extensions that allow access to the internet to those who use, for example, the chinese or arabic alphabet, among others.

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New generic domains

Began in 2008 the liberalization of more . Generic domains, due to the fact that it was receiving . Numerous requests from different users who want to have their personaliz tld. In 2012 the creation of almost 1,500 new extensions was approved, but it was not until 2014 . When we could really see the launch of the new gtlds (.Bike, .Guru, .Tienda, .Travel, .Futbol, ​​etc.).

At the spanish level, the launch of the .Gal and .Eus domains was approv for the .  Communities of galicia and euskadi. Which, similarly to .Cat, require that the website. To be creatd have territorial links, either through the content written in galician or basque. Or that said content is relat to these cultures.

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