CB Hoyo is the scourge of the art world

This cuban artist has set out to criticize the art business from within creating. Artistic pieces with irony included cb hoyo is cuban, from havana, although he spent a good part of his. Life in the dominican republic and currently resides in europe. Like the vast majority of children, he spent his childhood. Surrounded by paper and drawing tools, although it was not until his youth. That he began to take art seriously although this last sentence may be shocking. To anyone who takes a look at his fake series. In it, hoyo imitates the style of some of the most important artists of recent times, making a. Direct criticism of the millionaire business that the art world has become today.


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Cb hoyo is the scourge of the art philippines photo editor world 1 banksy, basquiat, hockney, matisse, magritte, warhol or van gogh are just some of the signatures that appear in the originals from which hoyo is inspired to create his works, often mixing the style of several of them and although it may sound contradictory, they are also the names of many of his favorite artists, who helped him make the decision to leave a boring job to dedicate himself entirely to art. Paradoxically, hoyo recognizes that, unlike other series –such as faded in which he paints icons of pop culture with blots and stains of color, showing that, somehow, the fame of these characters is perishable or money in which paper money is involved to show.

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That money has the value we want to give it– fake BWB Directory has been the one that has earned him the most international recognition and the one that has made him grow as a artist, since for each work he has had to learn the techniques used by the great masters of art. Cb hoyo is the scourge of the art world 3 something that has a lot of merit, since hoyo. Is selftaught and never attended art classes. Perhaps therein lies the germ of the ideas that push hoyo to create. With total freedom, to reinterpret the works of worldrenowned artists and to make fun. Of the conventions of galleries and collectors who, many. Times, are motivated more by the price of art than by the real value of the works with which they trade.

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