Case Study How Executive Education Businesses Can Profit

But just as important is working to improve conversion rates. If we have tons of ideal prospects who see our business on social media.  But the phone never rings, meeting requests never come in, bid requests for certain jobs never materialize. In, In this case, you have successfully promoted your company’s presence on social media. However, you’ll likely never get any tangible business wins you can point to as a result of this activity. So social media marketing is neither something that easily justifies further. Investment nor is it a scalable business development activity that you can support.

Become a Magnet for Your Ideal Prospects Our First Challenge

That’s the key to conversion, have an end goal that you want social media to provide your business, and then refine everything you do to Belarus Phone Number List ensure that the end goal is achieved. In this particular example, our client provides executive education for a large global brand. So their target demographics are HR leaders, learning and development leaders. Talent management leaders, etc. — all in your or my household name businesses. Become a magnet for your ideal prospects. Our first challenge was to research this specific target group and determine what content, video interviews, reports, and data would most interest the audience.

Social Media Marketing Is Now a Key Component of Lead Generation

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To quickly build the audience our clients reach out to, we want to turn their social media profiles into magnets for these types of people. If one of their potential client’s lands on their social media profiles, we need those people to feel that this is a valuable resource—a resource they want to connect or follow. In our regular webinars, there are more detailed explanations and how we will do this. You will find details for the next meeting at the bottom of this post. But for now, suffice it to say that we researched what types of content generated the most interest in their niches — and who the executive education industry influencers are and what updates they share. This provided a good basis for us to construct profiles that the data showed might be applicable in this field. After doing this, we created and polished a consistent set of company profiles.

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