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Avoid the news, but the increase in news avoiders is visible among all age groups, from 5% in 2020 to 8% now. Among the very youngest young people (18-24 years), the group that says they are not very, or not at all interested in news has even grown from 10% to 20%. Interest news age group Digital News Report 2022 Local and Cameroon Phone Number International There is a lot of interest in local news among all age groups. International news, news about the coronavirus, crime and security and political news are also popular. Interest in the coronavirus has declined among young people . The Cameroon Phone Number reasons for reading news don’t vary widely, whether you’re 18 or 88: learning new things comes first, and because it’s important and useful to yourself. Entertainment is also important for young people.

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Excess, unreliability and inaccessibility The increase in Cameroon Phone Number news avoidance is visible among all age groups. Of the 25 to 34 year olds, 48% often or sometimes avoids the news, of the 55+ this is 31%. Why? One thing is certain, the news avoider does Cameroon Phone Number not exist and so the reasons vary: I mentioned the excess of corona news and political news earlier. It is an important reason for all age groups. Younger age groups also find that news negatively affects Cameroon Phone Number their mood. They also indicate that they prefer to avoid discussions that can arise due to the news(!) and they think that they do not miss much.

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The news is unreliable, as some of the news avoiders also indicate: 16%. This is 10% of the Dutch population. Internationally this is much higher, in countries such as the US and the United Kingdom it is even resp. 39% and 33%. The offer is inaccessible and/or difficult to understand, say no less than 19% of young people. This is much less among people aged 55+ (2%) and in other countries in Europe. Not interested avoid news Cameroon Phone Number Digital News Report 2022 Not interested avoid news Digital News Report 2022 international News must be accessible, so that everyone has the opportunity to form a free opinion. However, this accessibility is not self-evident. Comprehensibility can be a barrier to the news offer, but also money, for example.

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