Can Douyin e-commerce trapped in logistics be rescued by ?

Some time ago, some media reported that Douyin e-commerce is testing a new delivery service “Extreme Speed”, which aims to achieve the same-day delivery of goods in the same city and the next-day delivery of surrounding cities.

At present, the “Extreme Express” service has cooperated with mainstream express delivery companies such as SF Express,, Tongda, and Jitu, but only some whitelisted merchants can open it.


This means that Douyin has further increased its delivery experience and logistics management.

In fact, this is not the first time Douyin has worked hard on logistics. As early as two years ago, Douyin had clues to enter logistics.

Since 2020, Douyin has successively recruited executives and R&D personnel from logistics companies such as SF Express,, and Cainiao, such as Wang Wei, who resigned from Alibaba, Ou Liyong, who is in charge of the supply chain platform of Alibaba’s new retail business group, and He Chuan, a supply chain operator. Equal to high P staff.


The logistics journey of Douyin e-commerce

At the beginning of 2021, there are media reports that Douyin e-commerce has deployed warehousing links and has acquired land and built warehouses in Guangdong, Yunnan, Zhejiang, Henan and other regions of the country.

However, Kang Zeyu, president of Douyin e-commerce, later Belarus Phone Number refuted the rumor: “At present Douyin e-commerce is not doing warehousing and logistics, nor does it plan to build its own warehousing and logistics.”

But two events a few months later made Kang Zeyu’s rumors self-defeating.

First, in July 2021, Douyin established a food delivery business team, and conducted a low-key business test in the Douyin APP, named “Heartbeat  Takeaway”. delivery.

 The last thing for e-commerce is logistics

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In fact, not only Douyin wants to do logistics, but all e-commerce companies have to get involved in logistics. Ali did not do logistics at the beginning, which was determined by its early business model.

What Taobao needs to do is to introduce merchants to solve the problem of insufficient supply, and then stimulate the openness and activity of the platform through a series of advertising promotions, promotions, etc., increase effective demand, and finally achieve large-scale returns on the trading platform.

In other words, Taobao did not participate in product trading in the early days, but only provided a large-scale platform. Product supply resources were provided by third-party sellers, so logistics was not its top priority.

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