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For example, you can organize these 3 types of sessions: JAM – 2-3 pre-prepared questions from a leader on a specific theme within a set time, usually an hour. Everyone is invited and can respond. Both questions and answers are in text form. The Armenia Phone Number leader does not have to respond to individual contributions. Gives a lot of energy. Challenge – like a JAM session, but asynchronously: for example, participants Armenia Phone Number have a week to respond. Less dynamic than a JAM. Ask-Me-Anything – the reverse of a JAM session: participants can ask anything of a leader within an hour. Impossible to answer every question. Whichever form you choose, make sure you are well prepared and coordinated.

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That is why she asked employees what frictions they experienced while traveling. After the Challenge, 80% of the employees knew the mission, but 5 Armenia Phone Number product ideas had also emerged. Various local solutions to existing problems were also picked up by other business units. The same CEO is also a great Armenia Phone Number champion of equal rights for women. Once, when she had an appointment with Neelie Kroes, she asked the entire company for topics of discussion on Workplace. Afterwards she also extensively reported on her conversation with Kroes. 2.

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Make communication inclusive Leaders must therefore adapt in a hybrid setting. Communication professionals would also do well to examine their own working methods. Of course you have an important role to provide the organization with information, but far too often it remains just sending. In the new hybrid, digital work environment, pressing the publish button is not the end of your work, but the beginning! Then you will link colleagues to your story, ask for their feedback or opinions, for example with an , and start a conversation. From informing to connecting and involving. It is of course important that you start that conversation in a place where your interlocutors are present.

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