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Users need timely and satisfactory attention. No one likes to wait days for a response to a problem. And for no reason. You get infected with the anger .  Annoyance that the consumer may express. This job requires a lot of patience. Kissmetrics also suggests other tactics that we have already recommended in other articles. So what type of content will reach this audience? Developing the strategy. step one. Buyer Personas Designing the ideal consumer to conquer is essential for the campaign.

Such as participation in social forums. especially Reddit and Quora ; and A/B testing to find out what type of ad or message works best with your audience. But regardless of what you want to implement. make the most of your social Denmark whatsapp number list networks and become an attractive and innovative brand that delivers valuable content. is close to users and actively participates in each of its platforms. Work to become the account that your target will love to follow. Designing a campaign on social networks always involves a considerable degree of work. Now. if it is going to be aimed at difficult audiences.

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The effort is multiplied and the ideas. therefore. have to be much more creative. Where to start to ensure success? SHARE: First of all. what is considered a difficult audience? Since the appearance of social networks. it is millennials. young adults and professionals with enough free time who like to browse these media to share moments with friends and family. To this group we must add housewives. who now prefer these means to be in constant communication with their loved ones.

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On the contrary. There are professionals with full schedules. Those with tasks that demand a high degree of intellectual capacity. As well as engineers. architects and CEOs. With a high degree of demand regarding their own work. All of them are the kind of audience that is away from social media. At least not in the habit of logging in daily to interact digitally with other people. They are the ones who need to be reached with. A well-designed campaign. Build the best campaign on.

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You have to consider what to avoid. or in other words. what techniques will not be applied. . Therefore. it is necessary to avoid. All kinds of content with a clearly massive reach. Which may be attractive to the younger audience. But not to a difficult and select audience. Ephemeral stories with the sole purpose of entertaining. Looping videos Excess of GIFS and other humorous resources.  Informal and fast publications.

Therefore. it is necessary to analyze each and every one of the characteristics of the respective public and based on this. select all those that are important. such as habits. tastes. interests. lifestyle. income. profession. hobbies and many others that They will help to better understand the way of thinking. living and acting of each of the users. Next. telling stories will be essential to arouse interest A difficult audience requires content with total authenticity. The best way to start is with a storytelling strategy through various formats.


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