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The first common mistake is Bolivia Phone Numbers the “Unstructured or Unoptimized keywords“. Instead of losing hope one should give priority to relevant keywords because keywords play the role. Of a bridge between user intent and the Bolivia Phone Numbers informational content. While designing the model of the marketing content one should keep in mind that keywords are very important as equally as good content. And those keywords Bolivia Phone Numbers should be relevant and thematically linked with the content and objectives of your business. A well keyword-optimized content helps creates an awesome impression on ranking you higher on SERPs organically. For eg:- your keywords should contain why, when, how, where, which, what which are commonly searched by people.

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For more information, you can join Bolivia Phone Numbers digital marketing courses in Delhi. The second mistake is the poor internal linking” means an idol be log content should contain minimum 3-5 internal linking. Internal linking Bolivia Phone Numbers means the strategy of sending traffic from your one page to other through linking those other pages to the first page internally. Read minds of your visitors what actually they want Bolivia Phone Numbers and then link your other page according to it. you need a drop down or navigation menu on your home page for deep linking to inaccessible pages, because google or bing can’t access it automatically. Relevant internal linking can improve your rank organically.

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The third mistake is the ” Poor Page Copy ” and it Bolivia Phone Numbers includes many things. You should keep in mind that the content you are writing or posting is for readers not for search engines, therefore their language or reading level Bolivia Phone Numbers should be 8-12 grade and in simple language. Your title or headings should be catchy and common. You should use proper tools to furnish your content like Grammarly Bolivia Phone Numbers and etc. The Fourth mistake is “unoptimized pictures and videos“, yes this the very common and main mistake which bloggers ignore often, images should be there in your content after every 300 words at least, because readers ignore too chunky and heavy informational paragraphs. Plus their formats should be accurate and clear. The Fifth and Last mistake is ” poor content promotion ” Means if you are not promoting your content with a strategy it is useless whether it a well-written 400 words blog or 1000 words containing any content.

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