Buzz 10 Ways To Grow Your Business Using Social Media Even

First, social media is here to stay. According to a recent BIA/Kelsey study, 74.5% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) report using social media to promote their business – more than any other category of media. Your competitors are already using social media to win over your customers, engage with their customers, and grow their business. If you are more socially savvy and have active social media, remember to always stay ahead of the curve by learning and adapting to all the rapid changes in social media. Social media will continue to be a driving force for businesses looking to interact effectively with their customers in real-time.

Impressing on Social Media Requires Two Parts: Visuals and Text

When customers have complaints, questions, or compliments about your business, they express it on the social network of their choice. Your job is to make sure you identify the networks your customers spend their time with and seek to actively engage and build conversations with them. Business owners are always asking, what should I post or say on social media. The short answer is staying true to Afghanistan Phone Number List who you are and what your business stands for. Customers can tell when you’re fake and won’t interact with you. Be faithful to the information and content you post. Follow the 80/20 rule when posting on your channel. 80% of the time, focus on other information and content that is not sales-related but relevant to your industry, business, and target audience.

Even if You’ve Been Living in a Difficult Situation for the

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The other 20% should be about your services, products, offers, sales, and discounts. You may also find that you generate the most buzz and sales thanks to 80%. Not rushing to sell will open up your business to your customers for more engagement, sharing, and interaction. Social media is changing rapidly. What’s hot today may be different tomorrow. Knowing the situation will give you an edge in what to plan and how to use change to help your business grow and stay ahead of your competitors. In this ebook, Social Media Revolution, which explains all the changes that have taken place in social media in 2014, you can use it as your social media blueprint.

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