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Make communication inclusive Leaders must therefexamine their own working methods. Of course you have an important role to provide. The organization with information, but far too often it remains just sending. In the new hybrid, digital work you will link colleagues to your story, ask for their feedback or opinions, for example with an , and start a conversation. From informing to connecting and involving. It is of course important that you start that conversation in a place where your interlocutors are present.

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Earlier I wrote here about the five pitfalls that you professional, you can do a number of things in anticipation of organization-wide policy to facilitate hybrid working. Below I describe 5 initiatives, each of which is meaningful in its own right and  can also provide the impetus for a broader hybrid work strategy. Rubber ducks follow leader to illustrate leadership 1. Show leadership We start, how could it be otherwise, with leaders. According to AT&T’s recent Future of Work survey , there is a huge gap to work hybrid, while 64% of their leaders want everyone back in the office.

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