British and French colonialism in the past Announcing the American

Century On January 1, 1942, 25 days after the Pearl Harbor Incident, representatives of 26 countries, including the Republic of China, gathered in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, to sign the “United Nations Common Declaration” for the coming of the American century. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. The beginning of a more democratic and enlightened era. The birth of the “United Nations Common Declaration” is not only a denial of the League of Nations’ inability to stop the Axis powers’ aggressive aggression, but also a criticism of the

The reason why the League of

Nations could not stop the aggression of Japan, Italy and Germany was because the United States strictly adhered to the isolationist policy after the end of the First World War and did not join the League of Nations, which made the League Norway Phone Number of Nations dominated by Britain and France weak in the face of aggression. The fact that Britain and France were weak in the face of Japanese, Italian and German aggression was that colonialism was initiated by Britain and France.

Although the United States also

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Has colonies, its rule of colonies has always been more enlightened than that of Britain, France, and Japan. After President Roosevelt came to power in 1933. He was even more committed to getting the. United States out of the shadow of colonialism. And took the initiative to grant the American Philippines the right to independence in 1946. Under Roosevelt, America will build a fairer world based on national self-determination. In this fair world, Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire would be defeated, the Soviet Union would no longer attempt to redefine the world with communism, and the British Empire would have to abandon all colonies.

This is a brave new world with no colonies and no powers to divide the sphere of influence. However, Roosevelt was not a fool.

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