How to Add Bitcoin to WordPress as a Payment Gateway

Cryptocurrency has become very popular over the past few years. The fact is that it continues to become more and more popular as a method of payment. If you’ve been thinking about adding Bitcoin to WordPress, there’s a great plugin that will help you do it easily. What is Bitcoin? Simply put, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, virtual currency, or digital currency; it’s the three. Cryptocurrency is a completely virtual type of money, unlike cash, which is physical. It is an online version of cash that you can use to purchase products and services. While many places still don’t have a bitcoin payment gateway or don’t allow bitcoin as a payment method, the number of places that do is growing and that number continues to grow.

Gourl Bitcoin Payment Gateway

It is for this reason that you should consider adding a Bitcoin payment gateway to your website. Giving customers the ability to pay for your goods, services and downloads online will only create the opportunity for you to reach a wider audience. How does bitcoin work? Often you will see an image of a Bitcoin. This is actually just a novelty, as Bitcoin is worthless without the private codes printed inside. Basically, each bitcoin is a Paraguay Phone Number List computer file stored in a wallet. These wallets are actually digital wallet apps that you can get from a number of places via computer or smartphone. You can send Bitcoins (or part of them) to and from these digital wallets.

Should You Have a Bitcoin Payment Gateway

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You can also send them to other people. Each transaction carried out is recorded in a public list called “blockchain”. For this reason alone, it secures the currency because it is possible to trace the history of Bitcoins. This prevents people from spending coins they don’t have and effectively prevents fraud and copying. Should You Have a Bitcoin Payment Gateway? The short answer here? Yes! Giving site users the ability to pay for goods and services using a WordPress Bitcoin payment allows you to reach customers around the world who would otherwise not purchase from your site in USD. Millions of people have set up digital wallets containing all sorts of different digital currencies. Obviously, the most popular is Bitcoin.

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