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A balance between both types of publications will achieve excellent results. A Social Network Marketing program applied to Facebook should take advantage of this platform to generate followers and brand attention. This will be possible. of course. with the application of the correct techniques in each campaign. Twitter is part of these technologies created to satisfy different communication needs. and went from being a read-only. broadcast and short-response tool.

to having spaces for interaction in real time. That is why the increase in his number of followers in the statistics on social networks this 2017 make his new boom clear. SHARE: Here we will talk Malaysia whatsapp number list about the characteristics of Twitter. its discoveries. and advances. inspired by the need to be potentially known and recognized among the competition. since there are new social networks for 2017 . and it has been essential for them to evaluate the aspects of the new market that They seek to encompass. without abandoning those users who opted for this social media in its beginnings.

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Many have come to think that the useful life of Twitter expired with the emergence of new social networks. However. the points that we will detail below will change the opinion of many. 1. Explore moments with Twitter All about. Twitter Users addicted to this social network spend. A large part of their lives publishing their day to day to keep their followers informed of everything. To make it more interesting. Twitter developed the “ Moments” function .

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And users could start enjoying it in the last quarter of 2016. Although not all Internet users know about it yet. This tool allows you to organize your tweets according to the relevance you assign to them. show the stories that you consider most appropriate to expose. and update them in real time. following Twitter’s synchrony of being present here and now from wherever you are.

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A story told in a video It has been shown that it is easier to capture someone’s attention through a video than through texts. In the process of creating the perfect formula. Twitter noticed that the phrase less is more! applies perfectly: The shorter videos. no longer than 15 seconds. generate greater impact than those of 30 seconds or more.

The less time it takes you to watch a video. the more time you will have to watch more videos. This feature of Twitter. together with the 140 characters that it allows you to write your post. makes it clear that this social network is not about quantity. but about quality of content. 3. Grow with Twitter Ads In addition to keeping you entertained all the time you spend immersed in the 2.0 world. this social network also allows you to earn money. It sounds like a fallacy. right?. but no.

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