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With a few hundred euros per month, a local entrepreneur . Can already Cameroon Phone Number achieve considerable reach and therefore. Make a real impact in his/her environment. Step 6: Measure Results All social media networks – be it Facebook. Pinterest  or Snapchat – are looking for ways to measure and connect both online and offline results. That still proves very difficult. But even now a lot of data is already  available. Dive into the Facebook Insightsfor example. Cameroon Phone Number There you can see what the unique reach (and the reach frequency) of your local stores has been.

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But Insights now offers more. For example, you can see  per store what the Cameroon Phone Number busiest visiting times in your store are, and what the busiest day is (based on GPS tracking that Facebook uses). And you can see which age  groups are often present in your store. As mentioned, the actual increase in revenue/shop traffic is (still) difficult to measure. The retailer plays an important role in this. His/her feeling is decisive. The only way to really measure actual Cameroon Phone Number traffic/revenue is by doing promos. In other  words, to communicate promotional codes via social media, with which people can get a discount in the store.

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For example, you can use promos on Facebook  and Instagram, which are Cameroon Phone Number especially intended for fans and target groups. With a promo code (or based on the promotional post being displayed), people can participate in the promo both online and in-store. By bringing the promo to the attention on social media around  shops that could use a boost, you can Cameroon Phone Number achieve significant turnover. Step 7: Stay in consultation, support is everything Last but not least , stay in constant contact with the  entrepreneurs. Support is everything in these kinds of projects.

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