Because, When You Have Different Url Variations Such

In addition, in certain cases some urls that are not canonical settings can be considered the same. This means that all urls are less likely to be crawled by googlebot.

This is certainly a loss for your website’s seo.

Then in terms of backlinks, google and other search engines can include backlinks as a consideration when determining ranking. If it turns out that your backlinks point to several variations of the url, this can be a bad thing, why?

Because, when you have different url variations Greece Phone Number such as on mobile, desktop, and amp, then the backlink strength you have will be divided into various url variations.


Canonical url function


this canonical function is important

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in the seo optimization process because it can affect google’s assessment of a website page. As seo practitioners know, the seo optimization process has several methods, namely on page seo, off page seo, and technical seo. Then this canonical tag process becomes one part of technical seo.


Technical seo
technical seo deals with technical issues on a website. The things that are done can affect the process of google’s crawling and indexing of a website.

For this reason, this technique is a must that needs to be considered during the website seo optimization process. Because if you don’t do it, your website can’t be displayed on google search results pages.

Therefore, before you build quality content, you need to solve technical problems on your website first. That way, the content contained on web pages can be easier in the indexing process by google.

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