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This social medium has experienced a drop in some functions of its application. Such as the following Snap Maps. Allows you to find stories and friends by geographic location. In the month of June it reached its peak of use. With 35 million unique daily users. However, by September those numbers dropped to 21 million users. Stories are not so popular anymore. Sharing instant messages is the most popular function of this social network. Unfortunately for them, ephemeral stories are becoming less and less popular.

Incredibly, Facebook and Instagram have a lot to do with it. Since the public prefers this type of content through these two networks. Discover shows minimum growth: This is a function to discover multiple stories and subscribe to them. However, its growth has been really minimal, but the CEOs intend to boost this section of their app by Colombia whatsapp number list including featured content from sports and entertainment celebrities. -The price per share has fallen drastically: Since the company went public, the price of each has gone from $27.09 dollars to $13.92 reached on January 8, 2018.

Targeted In 2018

Such a figure should be alarming enough to consider a change in strategy if it really is. they want to position themselves as an important brand in the world of social networks. Strategies for Snapchat in 2018 What are the reasons why this network goes backwards instead of forwards? Although this application continues to generate profits for its creators, the numbers show that it is increasingly difficult to compete with its competitors. What are the reasons for this to happen? -Digital media are already saturated with networks: Indeed, while Facebook and Instagram share more and more features in common , users prefer YouTube to enjoy video content.

Colombia whatsapp number list

Some others choose WhatsApp for instant messaging, so they will hardly download another app to perform these functions. -You are not offering something really new to the general public: Here is the big question mark. How can this network conquer another audience besides millennials? Answering it paves the way for your strategy in 2018. The strategy that this social medium should adopt for this year The elements are on the table and it will be up to the CEOs to adapt the most important ones in their plan.

How To Leverage Purchase

A total image redesign: One of the reasons why Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other digital platforms of various kinds such as Blogger, WhatsApp and even WordPress are popular is because of their unmistakable and striking logos. However, the same does not happen with Snapchat. It seems that its yellow image looks weak compared to its competitors and even conveys a childish and too informal idea. Therefore, the strategy to be undertaken in the new year must include a comprehensive change of image. A more powerful logo is the first step in generating enough interest to attract a new range of users.

Offer content for all types of audiences: CEOs can continue to serve their young base audience, between 18 and 24 years old, but at the same time venture to capture older audiences, creating content that connects with their interests related to news of general interest, tourism and sports, among others. -Analyze and apply what the competition is not exploring: Although stories and messages are used by most users, the use of new technologies can be the key to get ahead of the competition. For example, social networks like Facebook and Instagram still do not take full advantage of augmented reality.

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