Auto-Update Feature: Is It From The WordPress Community Or Not

WordPress currently powers a fifth of all websites on the web. Being the most popular, it is also more prone to hacking attempts. Each new release comes with its own set of fixes. So, using the latest version of WordPress is good industry practice. Most minor updates, for example 3.7.1, are usually based on security patches. However, the default auto-update will not change the major version, i.e. an installation of WordPress version 3.7 will not update to 3.8. (Although you will be notified once the latest version is available.) [Note: There is also a way to allow major updates. See Andrew Nacin’s post on this issue.] What is WordPress Auto-Update? WordPress introduced the auto-upgrade feature in its 3.7 version.

What is WordPress Auto-Update

This feature allows automatic updates to the WordPress core without any user intervention. Simply put, the update from 3.7 to 3.7.1 will be done without human intervention. For many it’s a joy, but there are others who frown upon this feature. They simply argue that the auto-leveling feature is “forced”. Why Use the Auto-Upgrade Feature in WordPress? Well, there is a great use for this feature and that is security. Additionally, to make sure to minimize upgrade issues, WordPress has provided a plugin called Background Update Tester. It checks Qatar WhatsApp Number List if your WordPress site is ready for its update. If your site fails the how-to test, it tells you why it won’t support auto-upgrading and, if necessary, what should you ask your host.

Why Use the Auto-Upgrade Feature in WordPress

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The update process is quick and takes less than a minute, which includes download and installation time. During the update, the website goes into “maintenance mode” for a few seconds. Additionally, automatic updates will also support older versions (but this will apply to 3.7 and above). For example, if the current version is 3.8.1 and it is being updated to 3.8.2 for a significant security issue, there may be a possibility of 3.7.2 for websites that are still on 3.7 and 3.7.1 with a suggestion to upgrade to the latest version which in this example is 3.8.2. This is done to make the older version much safer. As of October 25, there were over 110,000 successful updates. However, there are many who complain.

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