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Dutch people now pay for online news. This is an increase compared to 2019, but a stagnation compared to the corona year 2021. Users are increasingly opting for online subscriptions instead of paying for individual articles. Usually from one news Costa Rica Phone Number brand. Online subscriptions news brands Digital News Report 2022 There is no sign of subscription fatigue yet. Less than 10% expect to cancel Costa Rica Phone Number their subscriptions. Additional subscriptions to, for example, a film and series (Netflix), sports (channels such as ESPN) or music services (Spotify) do not constitute an obstacle to subscribing to an online news service. It will be exciting in this regard in the coming year.

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How will the current inflation and economic recession affect these numbers? For many consumers, cutting your subscriptions is one of the first Costa Rica Phone Number austerity measures in leaner times. Online subscriptions age groups Digital News Report 2022 Trust in news (brands) Trusting in news means that people believe Costa Rica Phone Number that the news is reliable and credible. So it’s subjective. Yet research shows that if people find a news brand trustworthy, they also trust the news the brand brings. And trust in the news brands that the user chooses to follow is high in the Netherlands. Costa Rica Phone Number Although a decrease is visible post-corona. More than half (56%) of the Dutch trust most of the news from news organizations and 64% of the self-selected news sources.

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However, there is a decline in confidence among young people. Costa Rica Phone Number Confidence in news brands Digital News Report 2022 While confidence in the news is generally declining, confidence in news brands remains stable. Trust is strongly related to perceived independence from governmental, political or commercial Costa Rica Phone Number influences Worry really fake Digital News Report 2022 It is striking that in the Netherlands, concerns about misinformation and disinformation do not appear to have increased. In other countries this is much stronger. Our concerns seem to have been mainly linked to the news about the corona Costa Rica Phone Number pandemic.

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