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If you find scientific articles too elaborate: in the video below Katy Milkman explains. The idea behind mega studies and also discusses the results of the gym experiment. The researchers had experts (such as scientists and practitioners) and laymen predict beforehand, Which interventions would South Korea Phone Number work best and how strong. Conclusions of that prediction experiment. The predicted effects are much larger, Than in reality (the orange bars are much more to the rightthan the blue bars). The forecasts were on average 9.1 times too optimistic There seems to be little or no correlation between predicted effectiveness and actual effectiveness. The graph is sorted by actual effectiveness South Korea Phone Number. (Blue bars) but no pattern is visible in the orange bars.

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But no group scored better than pure chance How can you South Korea Phone Number. Apply this in practice? It gives you support to deviate from. What the Hippo  thinks: no one has a monopoly on the truth. And the results once again underline the importance of context, which means that you South Korea Phone Number often have to empirically test promising interventions yourself in the environment that is important to you. Some interventions and techniques have a greater chance of success, but nothing is certain and context and implementation determine the actual effect. To avoid hindsight bias  it is also a good idea to record predictions in advance. This may also increase the learning effects.


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By publishing the on-demand content online drop by drop throughout the year, You can South Korea Phone Number build, Maintain and enthuse a community for the next event. You can also only make this content accessible for premium tickets, for example, In South Korea Phone Number order to generate more income. At a time when people’s attention spans are shrinking, Keeping the public more involved is also a godsend. No more lengthy keynotes that people South Korea Phone Number. Have already seen dozens of times. Go for short stories that stimulate the public to look up additional content online.

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