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second or external brain is a term often used for this type of note. Also called Germany Phone Number a personal knowledge management system (PKM). A collection of notes that constantly Germany Phone Number increase in  value and from which you periodically compose an article, presentation, training or quotation The core of the classic work How to take Smart Notes refers to the so-Germany Phone Number called Zettelkasten system, in other words a cupboard full of cards with information. One of the best-known users of this method is.

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Niklas Luhmann, who published some 70 books and 400 articles in the second half of the last century. He constantly jotted down ideas, insights, quotes, conversation summaries or books on Germany Phone Number small note cards and linked them together with a numbering system. Luhmann was able to take a card and find all the cards linked to it from that one card. He rewrote cards, made new cards and added them back between the existing cards. In doing so, he had a decentralized system, where each node contains several other nodes.

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In this system, one sentence can be just as Germany Phone Number much a card as 10 pieces of advice from Germany Phone Number a book. If something is meaningful, you record it. You should preferably make it your own text, so not a short summary of a book, but a commentary. So don’t put all kinds of unread PDFs or clipped blogs in your notes, because then they won’t be your Germany Phone Number notes anymore. In the words  You can build such a system with beautiful index cards such as the  but it Germany Phone Number can also.

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