Apply Color Psychology to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Colors are omnipresent in our lives; they inspire our actions. Because of how our brain works and the correlations between sight and perception. Color affects us on a very deep level. Perhaps, more than many marketers realize! Use color psychology to improve your website conversions. The importance of colors has a much bigger impact on our daily actions than we might realize. What is color psychology? How do colors influence our emotions? what do the colors mean? What do colors convey in different cultures? We all associate each shade with a specific feeling and different concepts.

The Two Types of Consumers and the Colors

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the psychology of colors, its practical applications. How you can use colors to improve conversions on your WordPress site. If you think the Green Button has outperformed, think again! The red button has exceeded the green by 21%! Surprising, isn’t it? Which color to use for a CTA is a hot debate in design.  Marketing circles and it really depends on the product. The lesson, however, is clear: regardless of preliminary research, color combinations should always be tested Kenya WhatsApp Number List before deployment. Every customer is different and may react differently to each color for a variety of reasons, including mood, location, behavior, color palette, and more.

Color Psychology and Conversion Rate

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If you want to improve conversions on your website, it is essential to know the impact of colors on emotions and their representations. Indeed, one of the key factors in improving the conversion rate of a WordPress site is knowing about colors and how they should be use on websites. 52% of users will not return to a site if they are not satisfi with the aesthetics, while 93% of buyers believe that visual aspects are the main influencing factor that determines their purchase decision. For best results, call-to-action buttons should be red, orange, or green, only if they differ from other content on the site.

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