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Directly from the live-streamed event. Meta says they expect brands to generate $500 billion in revenue from Live Shopping events by 2023. 3. Rothy’s organizes their Facebook Shops storefront with collections Rothy’s is a trendy sustainable shoe brand that offers men’s. women’s and children’s styles. They use collections to organize their robust Facebook Shops product catalog. Collections give brands the opportunity to curate specific. related products to make browsing and buying easier.


For high-end brands that want to offer an exceptional customer experience. these sets of featured products can go a long way. If you’re looking for a way to make your Facebook Shops storefront more user-friendly or feel more like your website-based experience. consider whether you might start using or expand your repertoire of collections. Rothy’s Facebook Shop features collections 4. Pixie Mood drives social commerce engagement with tagged video posts. Pixie Mood is a cruelty-free women’s accessory brand that specializes in vegan leather and other sustainable materials.

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They regularly use videos to promote their products in the Facebook feed. With Facebook Watch. you can share the same kinds of product-centric videos your Georgia Phone Numbers audience is accustomed to—but with the added benefit of linking viewers directly to the featured-for-sale items. Video has long been at the top of social media trend lists—and for good reason. It consistently gets the most engagement on Facebook. So why not funnel all those good vibes toward your products? 5.

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John Lewis & Partners goes grassroots with user-generated content John Lewis & Partners is a UK-based department store and home decor retailer that regularly shares content created by their audience. User-generated content (UGC) is a significant trend in social media these days. with major brands like Starbucks. Wayfair and others leveraging the power of their customers’ voices to expand their reach and engage their customers authentically.

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If you’re looking to increase your audience’s trust in your brand or product. UGC might be the way to go. More than three-quarters of people say they trust content created by “average people” more than content created by brands. 6. MeUndies employs a hybrid approach for featuring products MeUndies is an online retailer of sleepwear and undergarments for both men and women. While some brands choose to only link customers from Facebook to their own website to purchase items and others rely exclusively on their


Facebook product listings. MeUndies offers the best of both worlds. They link featured products to their Facebook catalog. but also share the associated website URL in their posts. In doing so. they give customers the option to shop in whichever way feels most organic or comfortable for them. If your brand caters to a wide variety of ages or customers with different levels of tech-savviness. offering both options ensures the best chance of closing a sale. Follow the lead of some of the best

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