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Facebook has announced major changes to its algorithms. Such news is extremely beneficial for most of the public, but not so for brands. Why is this and how will they modify their strategies to deal with such changes? What Mark Zuckerberg has announced According to recent statements by the. CEO of the most lucrative social network in existence. As of this year the intelligent system of its platform will change. The way followers view the news in their newsfeed, as follows. Increasingly, news, links, photographs and other content from family. Friends, co-workers and partners in general will appear in the foreground.

In turn, this means that all those news by brands. Companies, commercial promoters, pages to which the reader has subscribed and the like will go to the background. That is, users will view them. Of course, but after learning Cambodia whatsapp number list everything. That their nearby network has to say. New Facebook news feed The alarm signal has been turned on for the brands Obviously. Such an announcement has made. CEOs and marketers in general pay attention to such changes.

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On the face of it, this is quite detrimental to your strategies as it will reduce the visibility of your content. This, of course, will have an impact on your visits, organic reach and exposure of your brands. Is this measure unfair? Apparently yes, but there is a large background in this matter that is the responsibility of most companies. Is Facebook in any way putting pressure on content creators to improve their quality? There is no definitive answer, since it would fall into the realm of speculation.

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However, there is no need to imagine so many scenarios, since the intention of the champion of all social networks is clear: Zuckerberg and his associates are definitely concerned about the quality of their digital ecosystem, in terms of news, sources and truth. What happened with Russia, its interference in the US elections and the way in which advertising was contracted on this social network to confuse the public with biased news, was the first alert call to monitor the content and advertisements that third parties contract on this network.

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On the other hand, the fight against “fake news” has been intensified by Mark Zuckerberg, as has happened with Google. It is therefore logical that this change in his algorithm be interpreted as a complement to this digital battle that is yet to live its best moments. How to proceed then? All of the above situations force us to return to the essentials. Now more than ever before, brands will need to direct their efforts to address the following: -Mandatory content optimization: Each and every one of the SEO elements must be in perfect order, without exception.

The quality of the content: It is repetitive to talk about this factor over and over again. But now more than ever, it will be a crucial element to position brands. Unique content, with interesting points of view, with the multimedia elements that the audience likes and with a style that stands out from the competition will be the one that triumphs despite changes in social network systems. -Quality sources: It is not enough to create information of impeccable quality. Also its veracity and authenticity must be guaranteed.

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