Theme And Use A Fixed Structure

Also read: This is how you make a podcast for your organization in 5 steps You determine the topics of the episodes based on the frequently searched keywords, target group research and a look at the competition. High search volume on keywords? That may be the interests of your target audience. Then check this with your target group and find out how big the competition in the podcast world is on these topics. High search volume, interesting according to your target group and little competition? That’s your sweet spot ! Is the competition bigger than expected? Take an interesting angle and be innovative. The target group will probably want to hear several sides of a certain subject. Step 2. Podcast SEO So you use the keyword research as the basis for your episodes.

And Use A Fixed Structure

And just like “normal” SEO, you adjust the episode title, url, and episode description for the high-volume, low-difficulty keywords. Properly structuring the content in the description makes it easier for Google to understand your content. As a result, your podcast episodes are also found faster for long-tail keywords. In addition, by adding keywords in your title and description, your episodes Egypt Phone Number will also be found better with the search function of other platforms, such as Spotify. Increase your accessibility and make your podcast available to everyone. So also make a transcript. This can be done automatically, but manually you get the best results. Do you want to automate it anyway? Then try Amberscript or Happy Scribe . With an accuracy of about 85%, this can save you a lot of work. Due to your chosen theme from the keyword research, you are expected to mention your keywords in a natural way in the transcript. That is good for your SEO. In addition, the content of your podcast is available to the part of your target group that prefers to consume content differently.


Use A Fixed Structure

Your podcast in Google results The preceding steps will give your podcast a higher chance of appearing in search results within Google, as well as within the search results of other podcast platforms. It’s even nicer if Google gets your podcasts under ‘podcasts’ in Google. When I searched for Dutch podcasts in Google myself, few Dutch podcasts came up in this way. So there are opportunities here. Podcast about media in Google search results as a podcast Image: Google Podcast listing | Source: Google How did you get here? This link shows you how to link an RSS feed to your homepage. Here’s how to point the feed to your homepage in a few steps. If you use a podcast hosting platform, this schema markup is often already deployed automatically, which will put you in the search results. With your own RSS feed you will have to add this yourself. Have you entered the feed correctly?

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