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The group with ‘weak ties’ (group with casual relationships ) continued to grow. That is not illogical when you consider the rise and growth of all social media Canada Phone Number platforms. However, this upward trend has started to decline since the corona crisis. More and more people are focusing on maintaining a smaller circle with strong connections. Where energy was first invested in maintaining a broader group Canada Phone Number of informal connections, this has now been pushed into the background. 72% of those surveyed say the pandemic has made them prioritize their best friends. Also read: From Digitiener to Boomer: how does the Netherlands shop online? [research] In the image below you can read what the difference is between ‘strong ties’ and ‘weak ties’.

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The difference between strong ties and weak ties. Prioritizing your connections But how do we determine whether you have a strong or weak friendship Canada Phone Number with someone? There are 5 factors we consider to determine if a connection is valuable enough to put energy into: The level of the perceived physical distance Canada Phone Number The amount of shared personal values The current level of shared interests The opportunity to create new memories together The relative level of past memories Canada Phone Number Of this list, numbers 1 and 2 are the most important measures. What does this mean for companies.

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An interesting question: does this shift have an impact on how a Canada Phone Number company should deal with the consumer? According to Meta, yes. They identify 3 major changes: Just as people become more selective about entertaining friends, we will also generally become more selective about our relationships with brands . As a company it is therefore a matter of putting more energy into the relationship with your customer. Make sure you work on customer loyalty . Maintain the important relationships well and be authentic and reliable in them. As a brand you can act as a facilitator for creating new relationships . For example, build a community with like-minded people.

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