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Just happen on youtube. You need to work on the digital side, and having keyword research tools is definitely one aspect of that. Keywords are the words you want Iceland Phone Number people to use when searching for videos. I will now make an example for a recent search I did: “nike kyrie 2 review. ” here are the results:keyword- research-and Iceland Phone Number- planning-on

youtube every video in these results is 100% committed to the keywords I searched for. Why? Because that’s exactly what their videos are about. It would have done them no good to use the more popular keyword “air jordan review” instead.

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They would have alienated their potential viewers. Possibly poisoning how those people Iceland Phone Number view their channel forever. Think long-term about getting youtube subscribers rather than short-term goals. A ton of of Iceland Phone Number getting into bad search results. A good keyword planner will be worth its weight in gold to you as you work to improve your video seo.

It’s the first thing you should think s about when you start developing your ideas, and it should be part of the plan before you even shoot your script.

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Iceland Phone Number

First of all, what is viewing time? Well, it may be. Also, the most important youtube ranking Iceland Phone Numbers factor. In short, the longer people watch your videos on average, the better they rank in search results. Youtube wants

to show youtube users videos that are good. Whether or not people  watch the video is. Also, a key indicator for them if the video is good. How this relates to your keywords is similar to something I talked about above. I searched for “

Nike kyrie 2 review” and saw results that met this need. If I had seen a video that was actually. Also, a nike kyrie 1 review and clicked on it unknowingly, I would have immediately stopped watching.

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