An Exclusive Guide to Woocommerce Product Filter Plugin

An average WooCommerce store can contain hundreds of stock items and product variations. As a store owner, you might believe in offering the maximum to visitors so that they find at least one (or more) items of interest and complete the transaction successfully. However, think about it from the perspective of the visitor: who has the time to browse the long lists to discover the product they are looking for. For many visitors, switching stores is faster than browsing a seemingly endless list of product variations. This is where a simple WooCommerce product filter plugin adds great value to the overall user experience and allows users to see a much shorter product list.

Why We Use WooCommerce Product Filter

Let me illustrate the role of the WooCommerce filter through an example: A typical sportswear store might have around 30 variations of tank tops in their inventory. Now, when a visitor types the phrase “tank top” into the store’s search bar, the results page lists all 30 variations. At this point, the visitor has to go through the entire list to find a tank top that suits their needs. Now imagine that the store offers a way to filter out tank tops that don’t match users’ needs. This will reduce the number of results the user has to sift through. As a result, the Senegal WhatsApp Number List chances of the visitor completing a purchase increase dramatically. Product filters are an important part of your store’s user experience.

Is your WooCommerce store secure

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Without a product filter option, your customers will only see a long list of products. That’s enough to turn off many visitors. On the other hand, if your store has good product filtering. Visitors can have a great experience in your store and can come back for another purchase. Another important benefit of product registrants is product discovery. Visitors may see something similar to what they are currently interested in. This is another great way to increase sales and revenue.

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