An Exclusive Guide to Recovering Sales From an Abandoned Cart in Woocommerce

Running an online e-commerce store is not easy. Remember that customers are not just looking for the right products at the right price. They are looking for a complete shopping experience that starts with selecting the right product (through accurate/clear images and product details) and ends when the customer completes the transaction. Sometimes customers add products to their cart, go to the checkout page, but do not complete the order for some reason (prominent reasons are slow website loading time and improper navigation). As a result, you lose sales. To overcome this problem, I will come up with my ideas on how to reduce abandoned cart rates and thereby increase store revenue.

Abandoned Cart Lite for Woocommerce

I will also discuss some of the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins that really add value to your store’s business processes. Although abandoned cart rate is an important performance metric, it is especially important for WooCommerce stores due to higher market share. Here is how the abandoned cart rate is measured. The number of carts that did not check out is divided by the total orders received. The percentage gives the abandoned cart rate which indicates the ratio of customers (or more precisely orders, since a customer can Ghana WhatsApp Number List abandon multiple orders) who fail to complete transactions. If you can reduce this ratio. You could significantly increase the bottom line of the store and see your revenue increase.

What Is Woocommerce Abandone Cart Rate

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In this quest, WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugins add a lot of value, as these plugins automate most of the process. Integrate well with overall business processes. Cart abandonment is a serious business challenge that WordPress plugin developers love to solve. As such, there are a number of excellent plugins in the market that make it difficult. WooCommerce store owners to choose the right plugin for their stores. This plugin works in the background, reminding your customers of their abandoned orders and sending email notifications. This plugin is in active development and has over 20,000 active installs. It’s a great tool for retrieving orders that are only steps away from the close.

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