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They are between them. Resort to the purchase of followers in excess. Although this can generate interest. In the long run it can be counterproductive. It’s best to attract a follower base organically and consistently. Avoid annoying practices. One of them is to follow a certain user or company and then eliminate the “follow” a couple of days later. Some users do this so that their accounts reflect a high number of followers and a low following. However, there are applications that detect this immediately. So it is preferable to avoid such techniques that can ruin the good image of your brand.

Therefore, it should be mandatory to follow those users. With whom you want to engage in real social and commercial interaction. The digital strategy on Instagram must take advantage of the momentum. That this network currently gives to the interest of prospects. As well as the purchase opportunities generated through it. All you have to do is follow these basic tips and always keep in mind that the ultimate goal is comprehensive user satisfaction. Which is essential to earning their trust.

Networks Change This 2018

Social media is constantly on the move. What can you expect from them this year? Are we facing a new digital era in which each one Croatia whatsapp number list tends to lose its essence in order to gain followers? Or will your main goal be to improve the user experience in every way? SHARE: Facebook and its successful strategy, but confusing to some experts To answer the above questions, it is necessary to analyze the path traveled so far. An example of this is Mark Zuckerberg and his team of expert minds.

In previous years they acquired Instagram and WhatsApp. With these moves they made it clear that they were willing to compete strongly against Google and its many products and services. Suddenly, from being a group of millionaire entrepreneurs who own the most successful social network in history, they declared that they want to make their mark in the field of instant messaging and networks for professional and amateur photographers.

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This mix of products and its consequences, such as the fact that Instagram now has functions very similar to Facebook and practically the same ad network, and vice versa, can it cause the first big change this year? RRSS this 2018 From the name that identifies a social network to an entire powerful digital system If this trend continues, now Facebook would become the next great titan, in a very similar way to what happened with Google years ago, since Blogger, YouTube and Gmail are just some of the extra reasons why this brand generates billions of dollars a year.

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Zuckerberg then has the decision in his hands, which would alter the way users identify terms in social media. Facebook could stop being simply “the social network” par excellence, to become an emporium of digital products and services destined to dominate the most important spaces on the Internet. From the concept of “social network” to another more advanced in every way The changes that are already occurring will also give rise to new terminology. Once again, and taking Facebook as an example, the creation of original video content is practically a fact.

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