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That’s way too much on an average order value of €30, That’s impossible!’ A Estonia Phone Number comment I regularly hear in my position as a Digital Marketing Consultant. For me this is a signal that I must include the client in question in the concept of ‘Customer Lifetime Value’. What is it exactly? And how do you calculate it? I’ll tell you in this article. Estonia Phone Number What is the Customer Lifetime Value? Loosely translat, the Customer Lifetime Value means: the value of a customer over. The entire period that a customer is a customer of a particular organization. His email list grew, Views increas. All studies show that building an audience with ‘making things’ takes a lot, A lot of time For example.

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The relationship between the CLV and ‘Cost per acquisition’ As mentioned briefly in the introduction, In my opinion there is too much focus among Estonia Phone Number organizations (and regularly also among marketers). On the lowest possible costs per acquisition. And this is compad to the margins on Estonia Phone Number products or services. The first order As a result the (online) marketing campaigns are too quickly dismissed as unprofitable. As a result, an organization does not grow or hardly grows. The problem : Repeat purchases (retention) are not Estonia Phone Number taken into account in this case. While a first order may be loss-making, this loss may have already been wiped out after a second or later order.

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Workplace, are especially suitable for this. Organize JAM, challenge or Ask-Me-Anything sessions with leaders. According to AT&T’s recent  Future of Work survey, there is a huge gap between leaders and their people when it comes to hybrid work: 86% of the latter group would like to work hybrid, while 64% of their  leaders want everyone back in the  office. Many communicators are close to leaders and can thus do missionary work. Show them that they can bond with their people from a distance too. Internal social channels.

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