How to Add Social Comments to Joomla Articles

Let’s face it, social sharing or commenting in any form is good for your website. The online world we live in today is designed for social communication and interaction. If you have a website, you want to make sure you have the option to allow social comments in Joomla. Why Social Comments Engage If you’ve been running a website for a while, you should know how important engagement is. Commenting on blog posts is just one way people can interact with your content online. That being said, this is a very important question. When you give users the ability to post social comments in Joomla, you allow them to interact and engage with your content and with others.

Social Commenting and Sharing for Joomla

Yes, you don’t have to allow social media comments, you can always try your luck with regular comments. However, a user is probably less likely to comment on a blog post if they have to register with an email and log in to a website. Believe it or not, even this short and simple process is just too much for some. When you allow social media comments, you make it easy for people to comment on your content through their social media accounts. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s interactive and it’s fun for the most part. There are different ways to display social comments on your Joomla website. You can fetch an API from Facebook and then do some South-Africa Phone Number List coding and maybe attach it to the site. Or, you can go easier and use a Joomla extension. I found a great extension that lets you easily allow social comments in Joomla.

Why Social Comments Engage

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The extension is full of features and also comes with a full set of social sharing tools. Let’s take a look at this Joomla extension and see what it offers. Social Commenting and Sharing for Joomla Social media commenting and sharing extension Social Commenting and Sharing extension for Joomla lets you easily add the ability to allow visitors to use social comments on Joomla. The plugin has a paid version, but this tutorial will cover the free tools it offers. Honestly, the free version works great and comes with a ton of features. This popular, light and powerful extension offers you the possibility to provide social comments using the following networks:

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