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Repinning and creating boards with their pins. Share content related to the keywords. Place the hashtags that you have identified as popular in your sector and create new ones. You can sign up for Pin alerts to keep track of everything. That is posted from your website. Instagram The goal on Instagram. In addition to looking for the topics that have to do with you. Is to identify the most used hashtags for those topics and start using them in your own publications. Follow any user who could be your client. like the posts that talk about topics related to yours or use similar hashtags.

Follow who you consider to be influencers in your sector and comment on their posts to make yourself known. Google+ This social Germany whatsapp number list network is important if you are looking to position your website in the search engine. but it is also a good place to get potential customers as it is a less saturated medium. The strategy in this network is to identify the terms with which someone would locate you through Google. From these keywords. identify people and pages on the network that could be or attract potential customers and follow them.

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Locate groups and ask to be admitted. Social networks are ideal for attracting the attention of people who are looking for your product or service. the idea is to show yourself friendly. useful and reliable. you should not limit yourself to promoting because in social media nobody likes that. especially if you are using any personal account. The ideal is to redirect them to a landing page or blog to look for their conversion and later rely on other types of strategies such as email marketing to persuade them to make the purchase.

Germany whatsapp number list

Achieving a retweet. a “like”. a comment or a recommendation is what any social media manager expects after posting content. But to keep followers engaged. it’s important to reciprocate these interactions quickly and authentically. Although there is a great inconvenience. the amount of time that this process entails. How to solve it? SHARE: Having a profile with 1.000 engaged followers is much more valuable than owning one with 10.000 who never engage.

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And for the same reason. feedback is essential . After all. that audience is spending some of their time communicating with your brand. and that deserves a response from you. However. we must be realistic. the minutes available for this task are often scarce. especially when managing large accounts. But. fortunately. there are methods and tools that facilitate the process. allowing optimization of response times and quality. The blog of the Social Media platform.

Buffer . helps us to delve into this matter. Let’s get started! 1. Unfold your creativity in each answer Learn to interact with your followers in RRSS Logically. giving a bad or deficient answer is worse than not giving it. Here. the important thing is to take advantage of that instance and answer something of value. that delights the recipients. and goes beyond a simple “thank you”. Let’s look at some suggestions: Ask questions . it is an excellent opportunity to get more involved with the person and make them feel welcome.


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