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if you have a massive list, export the disavow file to the Google Disavow Tool and follow the instructions above (see disavowing backlinks using the Google Disavow Tool above). Now let’s have a detailed look at how to identify and remove backlinks or disavow bad backlinks is SEO PowerSuite tool. Identify and disavow backlinks using SEO PowerSuite Fortunately, SEO PowerSuite’s SEO SpyGlass tool has all the essential features to collect your entire backlinks, sort out bad backlinks, remove it by contacting webmasters, or disavow bad backlinks. backlinks. Here is the step-by-step workflow outlining how to identify and disavow low quality backlinks using SEO PowerSuite. SEO-PowerSuite-Disavow Workflow Step – 1: Get

the complete list of your backlinks

Run an in-depth backlink audit using SEO PowerSuite’s SEO SpyGlass tool. Simply enter your URL from which you need to collect all the backlinks pointing to it. Let Compliance Directors Email Lists the tool retrieve your link profile grouping all the backlinks. Note – If you want to perform a more comprehensive backlink audit, you can select multiple resources in the tool. Check the ‘Show expert options’ checkbox when creating a project and choose the desired sources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc. To make sure all the links are in place, SEO SpyGlass’ real-time link checks come to the rescue. To check your

links in real time, go to Backlink Profile

Compliance Directors Email Lists

Backlinks >> Update Backlinks. You now have your ultimate link profile at your fingertips. Step – 2: Evaluate Your Backlinks Thoroughly Apparently, the total number of backlinks is a good sign. Still, the quality of the domain pointing to you is more significant than the numbers. This backlink audit tool can get you results on – #1 Number of backlinks and respective linking domains Your link profile will obviously have more backlinks compared to linking domains. But, make sure you have both in equal ratio. If there are huge variations, then you need to dig deeper and analyze the areas from which more

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